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I’ve had many people ask how I’m producing my Bunny Hill Activewear so I thought I’d share a few details on the manufacturing of my designs. I use what’s called a print on demand process. Applying my art, with the aid of a CAD program, to the garment patterns the manufacturers have available.

The manufacturer prints it, sews it, and drop ships it to my customers. They can do all this and have it on your doorstep in 8 days. It’s a miracle❤️ They don’t manufacture in sweat shops and I don’t carry massive amounts of inventory. Aside from sampling I only produce what I sell limiting waste and the overall product footprint through the process. Our products are designed in Sun Valley and manufactured in North America.

My manufacturer is connected directly to my website. When I create a new product it automatically puts that product on my site along with the product shots you see. When an order comes in that order goes directly back to the manufacturer for processing. It’s so cool!!!!

I’ve been creating products to sell for as long as I can remember. This advancement in manufacturing is so exciting it taps right into my arty and geeky skills. So much so that at a time when I could be considering retirement I’ve embraced staying in the “game”. Arty types never retire we just evolve...

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