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Who is Bunny Hill?

Bunny Hill doesn't have to prove anything any more. She’s skied the steepest slopes, climbed the corporate ladder, been the super mom and wife and has finally said, "Enough, already!!". Now what she treasures are a few turns on groomed runs, peaceful walks with her dog and simple get-togethers with friends and family. Of course, Bunny Hill loves fashion but she’s not a slave to the latest trends. She’s taken care of herself by eating sensibly and exercising regularly and she knows what looks good on her. But most of all, Bunny Hill has the spirit and confidence to have fun with fashion.

After all, it's her favorite creative expression!


Bunny Hill is a brand created by longtime designer and maker Vickey Hanson-Williams who's thrilled the technology has finally caught up with her desire to create an activewear line. In addition to her design career she taught group fitness for many, many years and understands the needs of the disciplined woman who tries to stay in shape while managing a full-time job and family. 

The company is headquartered in Sun Valley Idaho. The textile designs are created from a variety of sources. Vintage Sun Valley photos, illustrations, photos taken while hiking in the backcountry around the Sun Valley Resort area and walking the beaches and hills of San Diego while living in Southern California for a few years. 

The products are manufactured in North America using the latest in digital design, printing and sewing processes to deliver an eco-conscious, high quality product. The designs are unique in that they're printed on performance fabrics and sewn in a way to shape and flatter the body. 

All of the products are made on demand. This means when you order from us your order is lovingly printed, sewn and delivered individually. We do not stock these garments. This is a great feature in that we limit the amount of waste in the production process and unsold products don't end up in landfills.

The Bunny Hill brand is currently sold online and in Sun Valley Resort Gift Shops.

We welcome wholesale inquiries, review our application HERE

If you have any questions or suggestions for new garments please feel free to contact us at any time.


P.O. Box 644
Ketchum, Idaho 83340

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